Helping Women Heal from the Betrayal of an Affair

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Have you been betrayed in your marriage?

  • Do you feel life is out of control?
  • Has pornography addiction hurt your marriage?
  • Is a sex addiction controlling your spouse?
  • Have you stumbled upon an emotional affair?
  • Do you feel paralyzed?
  • Will this pain ever go away?
  • Are you struggling to move past the affair?
  • Do you feel betrayed by God?


Shannon Woodland, Senior Feature Producer, Christian Broadcasting Network

The devotional, “Reclaimed”, is the fruit of Stephanie’s journey with God Almighty and vital material for those suffering the fallout of marital infidelity and, quite frankly, for anyone who desires to live a healthy marriage.

Hans Molegraaf, Marriage Revolution founder

Stephanie has been where you are. She’s been through the shock, anger, bitterness, shame, lies, and grief, that are all too common in response to a husband’s confession of a sexual sin. She can relate to where you are, but she can also help you get to a place of hope, joy, and restoration.

Christie Hunter, MA, R.C.C.; Co-Founder

This hope-filled book will meet those in the immediate aftermath of confession as well as the woman who is months or years along in the journey and yet still searching to find further healing and freedom from the pain.

Jessica, Small Group Attendee

With the right biblical tools to help me, along with my healing and set safe boundaries in place, my marriage is headed off in the right direction thanks to all that Reclaimed gave to me. I am forever grateful for Stephanie and her ministry that has such a vital place in this world.

Connie, Small Group Attendee

The materials were like a practical guide and so comforting as I was walking through the pain of my husband’s pornography addiction and the trauma caused by his lying. I highly recommend this group to any woman walking through the pain of betrayal and/or infidelity of any kind in their marriage. You will find hope, help, and healing through Reclaimed!

Plan for Wholeness

We have a simple plan to guide you on starting your journey to healing wholeness.

Step 1, purchase devotional

Step 1.

Purchase the devotional.

Step 2, get into community

Step 2.

Get plugged into the community.

Step 3, work through the devotional

Step 3.

Work through the devotional.

Step 4, find healing

Step 4.

Experience wholeness and continued relationship in your new community.

Reclaimed devotional first chapter download

What Makes Reclaimed Ministry so Different?

Reclaimed is here to walk you through your season of brokenness. To support you with authentic tools and scripture based guidance that supports you and meets you exactly where you are. My name is Stephanie and I also have come from a place of dark despair. I created these materials to guide you on the path to wholeness and living a redeemed identity.

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How to heal from betrayal in marriage

If your husband has had an affair… if pornography or sexual addiction has hurt your marriage… if you have discovered an emotional affair… then this message is for you.

Here’s why…

There is healing from infidelity in marriage.

The problem is most women don’t know where to go for help when they discover an affair. Many will get counseling. Some will talk to close friends and family. Many will hide and pretend everything is fine. But none of that brings about the healing we need.

  • We need to connect with a community that understands what we are going through.
  • We need to discover the healing available through Jesus Christ.
  • We need a life that doesn’t feel out of control.

What happens if you don’t find healing? If you just keep doing what you have been doing? You remain stuck in brokenness and shame and may even continue enabling the same patterns of abuse.

How I found healing.

After seven years of happy marriage, I one day stumbled on my husband’s deleted email … and a history of infidelity and pornography was uncovered. I remember my body feeling physically paralyzed from the shock and horror of everything I learned. My body and my heart shattered into a million pieces on the floor. I didn’t know if I could ever get over it. I understand you probably feel like you want to curl up into a ball and never again leave your bed. I get it. But God doesn’t want you to stay stuck in your pain. God has something so much greater beyond this pain. God wants to cradle his precious daughter and tell her you are worth it, you are enough. He wants to restore you to the vertical wholeness he desires for all of his children.

Through painfully restoring my relationship with my husband and my relationship with God, I found I could reclaim what the Enemy had stolen.

Reclaimed has walked alongside many women and watched them be restored to wholeness and we are ready to walk with you too.

Here is what happened in my life. I was able to forgive. I found new freedom, new hope, and a new identity. And it’s not just me…

“Reclaimed is a safe space to begin the journey of wholeness after the unthinkable has happened.  Knowing that I’m not alone in the pain I’ve experienced has been a true comfort. The Bible-based material that we studied helped me start the pathway to healing and forgiveness, and reminded me that I can trust and rely on God, who will never let me down.”
– Small Group Attendee

“Through this group, I’ve been challenged to seek Him (Jesus) first and take the focus off the hurt around me so He can call me out on everything that takes the focus off of Him. While any change can seem difficult, the reward for doing the hard work is immeasurable when it comes to deeply being challenged daily to refuse anything less than being seen as “the daughter of the King Most High”.
– Small group Attendee

It’s your turn

You are not alone in this valley. There is hope to cling to and blessings, even in the midst of your deepest brokenness.

When you purchase the Reclaimed 30 Day Devotional or the Small Group Materials you get practical steps towards healing. We focus on the broken heart and seek to pursue healing and wholeness as we walk with you through the journey of betrayal.

You will:

  • Find your true identity
  • Develop confidence
  • Learn to love again

With your purchase, you also have access to our private Facebook community where you are able to connect with other women who understand where you are.

You deserve hope and healing and this is a great place to start.