Through the sharing of her experiences following her husband’s confession, Stephanie provides other women a companion in their own unique journey as they navigate the confusing and complex emotions surrounding infidelity. You will feel understanding as she walks with you, helping you navigate through the aftermath of unplanned pain and unending questions.

Stephanie’s candid story of grief, turmoil, and finding blessings in the moments provide a glimpse of hope and healing to one of life’s most difficult experiences, marital betrayal. She shares honest and raw memories of times that drew her into a closer relationship with God and called upon her to search deep within to find stability during the initial period of shock and disbelief.

Practical suggestions for moving through the grief provide encouragement from becoming stuck and immobilized. Stephanie sprinkles in humor and moments of joy she found within the weeks after confession, giving you permission to continue to live and experience happiness that balances the hard work of healing.

This hope-filled book will meet those in the immediate aftermath of confession as well as the woman who is months or years along in the journey and yet still searching to find further healing and freedom from the pain.